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With our tables we offer special solutions for every type and size of meeting and conference rooms. Whether from a standard system or “tailor-made”. The result is always high quality, representative and well thought out in every detail.

Our tables offer specific solutions for any kind and size of meeting or conference rooms. Be they from our standard range or „tailor-made” for you. The end result is always high-grade, representative and thought-out to the last detail.

3 main model ranges allowing you to choose between different styles and features

C1 Conference table

The conference table_C1, with its classic design and its present appearance, is a convincing solution when extensive technology integration and cable routing are required. The three sizes offered in the standard in the classic boat shape can be used for meetings of eight to twenty people. And in individual construction, the C1 system can also map large table formations / systems. In any case, there is a wide variety of surfaces and colours to choose from

C12 Conference table

The Conference table C12 impresses with its clear design and pure, light look – as well as with stunning legroom. In nearly all shapes and sizes. For practically any conference room and need. Freely choose your model and finish for a perfect fit for your conference room.

C3 Conference table

The C3 stands for custom-designed, often complex conference table installations with extensive technology integration. Often with a closed central supporting structure for housing retractable monitors and microphones, for example. Always a convincing, tailor-made solution with a special flair. As it is custom-designed, the shape and size can be freely chosen, just like the finish and colour. To perfectly fit your room and functional requirements.